Surly Straggler

Note: we don't sell Surly bikes through this online store; we just wanted you to be able to see them. To get a Straggler from us, please call, email, or stop in.


Get a $50 credit from us toward accessories, parts, or apparel when you buy a Straggler.


Surly's newest frame design has a mainly cyclocross geometry but with lengthened chainstays and a slightly lower bottom bracket. Completing the package: disc brakes and extra-wide (41 mm) Knard tires, making this an ideal distance road (gravel paved, or otherwise) machine and light tourer. But we have to admit 90% of Straggler owners will take advantage of these features to make the Straggler a superior urban bike--the longer the commute and the weirder the terrain, the better. Lots of options for fenders, racks, and different kinds of tires, from pure slick street tires to knobbies.


Straggler is more expensive than our similar offerings from Norco. Surly justifies the price by pointing out the paint is electro-deposited (not powdercoated) for extra protection against rust; that the new rear dropout design makes it easier and quicker to remount the wheel (e.g., after changing a flat)


We carry the Straggler in all sizes, from 42 cm up to 64 cm. We have most sizes in stock in either or both colors. Available in sparkly purple ("glitter dream") or black.


Similar bikes you might want to consider: Surly Disc Trucker is a full-on touring bike, and as such it's heavier than the Straggler. Salsa Vaya is the perfect touring bike for touring with up to 70 lbs. of gear. Norco Indie Drop 2 and 3 are both very similar to the Straggler in concept, feel, geometry, construction (double-butted cromoly), and specs, but are several hundred dollars cheaper. Norco doesn't have the cachet of Surly, and we think it's basically a lack of awareness of Norco that keeps it from being just as popular.