Spot Brand 2014 Acme Grey w/ Red Alfine-11 Hydraulic

The 2014 gets a few upgrades: a kickstand plate, a slightly longer top tube, revised rear dropouts, and a new color (gray) with red highlights.


Through the years the Acme has been one of our favorites. We often customize or modify them, including conversion to an n360 hub (add $200 with credit for the stock hub), conversion to drop bars, conversion to a dynamo hub, and the addition of fenders, racks, alternate tires, and so on.


As we're a bike shop rather than an online reseller, we build, test ride, and tune every bike we sell, whether we're going to ship it across the country or hand it off to a customer in the neighborhood. Please note there's a $50 packing fee for bikes we ship. 


The Joe Bike exclusive Portlandistan Package ($2675) features Axiom Rainrunner fenders, Axiom Streamliner rack with 110 lb. capacity, Alfine dyno hub with Busch & Muller Lumotec Lyt Senso Plus (or AXA Luxx70+ with smartphone charger) and Toplight Line Plus front and rear lights (including front/rear standing lights and rear brake light!), and Portland Design Works silver SpeedMetal grips, Portland Design Works King of Ding brass bell or Crane black brass bell.

The even more exclusive Joe Bike Hyperbolistan package ($3115) is everything above but with: a Schmidt SON28 ISO Disc dyno hub; Supernova E3 Pro Front/E161 Rear lights; your choice of Portland-made Sykes Wood Fenders (in any wood or bamboo species that Paul works with), Planet Bike Grasshopper curved bamboo fenders, or Axiom Phoenix aluminum fenders;  Portland Design Works Whiskey or Bourbon leather grips.


To begin customizing your bike, call or email; the online store can sell only the stock bike.


Joe Bike is the world’s largest dealer of the new urban models produced by Spot Bikes, based in Golden, Colorado. Their Acme, Ajax, and Sprawl represent a new generation of fast, weatherproof, nearly maintenance-free urban bike: a light and zippy aluminum frame with carbon fiber fork and a weatherproof drivetrain and braking system featuring the most up-to-date (read: latest and best seal design) Alfine 11-speed internally geared hub, Gates’s new CenterTrack Carbon Drive, and Avid Elixir hydraulic disc brakes. There are plenty of mounting points for fenders, racks, and bottle holders. Acme features such revolutionary design details as the first post-mount carbon fiber fork with dropouts that recognize and compensate for directional braking force of the disc calipers. Simple and elegant, they take secure front wheel engagement up another notch. Post mount brakes reduce the weight, bulk and additional hardware of ISO mount brakes. That means your brakes are directly engaged to the fork, without any bulky hardware.

Availability: Acme comes in seven sizes, from 42 (stepthrough), 49, 52, 55, 57, 60, and 62 cm. We keep all sizes in stock.

Shipping: Within the lower 48 states, around $120-160 UPS Ground, depending on bike size. Amtrak is about half that and twice as fast, but you have to pick it up at the nearest manned station within 2-3 days after it arrives. Bikes ship about 85% assembled via UPS, about 95% assembled via Amtrak.

To Canada: Shipping to Canada is best done by UPS air or FedEx air in two boxes: a frame box and a wheel box. There is no customs tax in that case. Total charges to your door are typically $200-300.


Here's Spot's writeup:


The Joy of High Performance

It’s no secret that the hunched-over geometry of road bikes alienates many cyclists. Enter the Acme, a city bike that hums along at road speeds while also allowing you to actually enjoy the ride. Think of it as a Mercedes on two wheels. The Acme is lighter and faster than most city bikes, which means you get to work on time with ease. It features the most advanced, reliable—and clean--drive train on the market: a sealed 11 speed shifter mated to a smooth and strong belt drive. Let’s face it: chains and derailleurs are a greasy time suck, and time is money for cyclists on the go. And like a high-performance European sedan, the frame’s gently swooping curves convey understated elegance. Acme means “highest,” and this bike is the apex of modern urban riding: a finely tuned mix of precision engineering, style, innovation and speed. Rediscover the joy of cycling.